Our environmental commitment

Three generations in the tourism industry, an adventure that began in 1960, has taught us that offering an outdoor holiday experience must also, and above all, be respect for the environment. We want to be the leading company in Europe in the field of sustainable holidays by preserving nature and its balance with environmentally friendly green building facilities, moving with emission-free vehicles, using resources responsibly with energy production systems from renewable sources, favouring biodegradable and reusable materials and products, as well as minimising waste and promoting low environmental impact ethics with genuine and organic own production.

We have always sought to accompany the growth of our villages with the reduction of their environmental impact, in light of the best knowledge and technologies that become available from year to year. We were among the first coastal resort operators to obtain the ISO14001 environmental certification – which allows us to monitor all major impacts and establish how they are managed.

Respect for the environment and for people is therefore part of our history and our founding values, but today we want to do more: we are aware that in order to address the major environmental issues of our time (climate change, resource depletion, pollution and all that this entails for society and the environment), a change of pace and a decisive assumption of responsibility is required.
We believe that tourism businesses can also be an active part of this global challenge that affects us all, and that is why, starting with an analysis of the impacts of our village, we have drawn up our sustainability vision, which we are committed to achieving by 2030.

Our vision, our future

We want to be the leading and outstanding company in the open-air tourism sector at the seaside, setting trends in Europe, also thanks to our commitment to environmental and social sustainability, which for us means:

  • offering a holiday surrounded by preserved nature, with environmentally friendly facilities;
  • moving without emissions;
  • using resources responsibly, favouring organic and reusable materials and products obtained in a sustainable manner;
  • process food and offer you quality meals with as little impact as possible;
  • minimise waste and emissions, with a view to a circular economy;
  • respecting the needs of guests, employees and all people affected by our activities.

This vision is translated into a strategic plan that from now until 2030 will allow us to achieve increasingly challenging goals, and that will enable us to take part in the global effort to achieve the ONU  Sustainable Development Goals. In the coming years, we will therefore be engaged in a continuous process of improvement, with a certainly greater commitment and effort, equal to the challenges that await us, in order to continue to give you unforgettable moments, leaving, with your help, the world a little better than we found it.

The meaning of a holiday immersed in nature

Preserving the tree heritage

Integrating an accommodation facility into the natural landscape means minimising its impact on the environment.

It means caring for and preserving the existing tree heritage with coordinated interventions, with the collaboration of agronomists and specialised companies.

It means designing the greenery with native species (stone pine, arbutus, mastic tree, oleander) so as to perpetuate the existing vegetation, using products of organic origin for treatments.

Irrigation is automatic with water from aquifers and low-impact ‘drip’ gardening techniques.

Harmonising the landscape

Embedding the new mobile homes into the pre-existing natural context is one of our priorities.  When planning, we pay particular attention to harmonising the buildings with the landscape.

Our constant endeavour is the care and enhancement of greenery, because offering modern and functional accommodation is not enough; a tidy and well-kept environment is synonymous with a healthy and clean environment. Maintaining lush greenery promotes shading and consequently a lower surface temperature. We create flowerbeds that minimise water consumption. Different varieties of Mediterranean ornamental plants are planted to enrich the village flora.

Improving internal mobility

Everything is projected towards the future and with respect for nature, our aim is to improve in order to offer our guests increasingly eco-friendly holidays. This is why all staff move around the village in electric vehicles. For you who care about the environment and have chosen a sustainable means of transport, you will find our car charging stations in camping!

However, the bicycle remains our preferred means of transport. Through bike hire we encourage the discovery of places rich in flora and fauna by indulging in long bike rides at your own pace. Eco-sustainability is also about getting to know the territory to assimilate scents, flavours and traditions that have never disappeared.

Environmentally friendly facilities

Mobile homes meet the Design for Disassembling criteria and are the ultimate expression of a green holiday: they are removable, do not require land consumption, are easily recyclable and can be dismantled at the end of their life cycle.

We are also progressively reorganising parking areas with the aim of moving them to areas peripheral to the village. Eliminating vehicular mobility lowers the emissions responsible for air pollution and improves the air we breathe. In addition, it helps reduce noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing holiday in complete freedom of movement, accompanied by the sounds of nature!

Energy from renewable sources

The facilities within the villages are built with renewable and environmentally friendly materials in order to minimise energy consumption by using thermal solar panels, photovoltaic panels and high-efficiency windows and doors. The accommodation units are equipped with induction hobs and energy-efficient household appliances.

Pool water is reused for toilet flushing.


We encourage differentiated waste collection and at Ca’Pasquali there are ecological islands, inside the village and also on the beach. We limit the use of paper material to a minimum.

Communication in this sense is fundamental, so we inform our guests, and especially the youngest, with ‘visual’ messages that capture the attention of children in which our mascot is the protagonist. Animation activities with ‘recycling’ workshops help them understand how important the environment is and how everyone should behave to preserve it.

the taste of sustainability

What does sustainability taste like?
It tastes like dishes prepared with quality raw materials cooked at low temperatures to preserve their nutrients, it tastes like balanced dishes designed with passion and care.

The restaurant uses home-made products such as artisanal ice creams created by Filippo’s hands and seasonal products at Km0.

Largely compostable containers are used for the take-away service.