Cavallino & Surroundings

Cavallino and surroundings

Stretching between sky and sea, between land and lagoon, the Cavallino-Treporti coastline has evolved over the years from an exclusively agricultural area into a sought-after and renowned tourist destination.

This rapid evolution that began in the 1960s has not affected or altered the surrounding nature. Flora and fauna have always been respected and protected, so much so that new, non-indigenous species have settled in over time, making the lagoon environment even more interesting and unique. The centuries-old history of authentic flavours and the close proximity to Venice and its islands make our coastline a perfect destination for those who want to live a precious and intense experience of art, history and nature.


Ca’ Pasquali Village is the perfect starting point for visiting Venice, one of the most famous cities in the world. We are just 5 km from the landing stage from where the ferries leave to reach the city in half an hour.

Venice, with its delicate balance, expresses the enchantment of unrivalled nature combined with the charm of history and art. Man’s exceptional talents find their fullest expression in this place where genius and mastery have been able to mould nature, transforming it into a dream. A magical site that opens up to atmospheres blurring between East and West and that deserves at least one day of your holiday to be visited. The charm of Venice finds its maximum expression in the lesser known and less frequented areas, where mystery creates the atmosphere.  Lose yourself in the calli and campi and discover enchanting areas!

Lagoon Islands

Venice and its Lagoon have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Take advantage of such wealth and immerse yourself completely in nature to fully savour the immense beauty of art, history, flavours and traditions.

The Lagoon of Venice is dotted with dozens of islands. The most famous are certainly Burano, with its typical brightly coloured houses, Murano, known for centuries throughout the world for the ancient art of glassmaking, and Torcello, home to the first settlements of Venice.

They are all easily reached in a few tens of minutes by ferry; a world apart that will tell you endless stories.


The island of Burano is traditionally a fishermen’s island, and it is believed that its characteristic brightly coloured houses were so colourful that fishermen, on their return to port after fishing trips, could immediately recognise their home. Another characteristic of the island is its leaning bell tower.

Famous and very interesting to visit is the ‘Museo del merletto’ (Lace Museum), where the creations of the ancient art of needle lace-making are kept: the ‘lace of Burano’, a typical art of this island and unique in the world. Be fascinated by the island’s scents and flavours and stop to buy the traditional sweets: ‘bussolai’.


Murano is the closest island to Venice, world-famous for the ancient art of glassmaking. Murano is home to the ‘Museo del Vetro’ (Glass Museum), where works and ancient glass collections are housed, as well as an archaeological section with pieces of considerable value.

Take the time to visit a glassworks, here you will see master glassmakers at work demonstrating their skill in creating special objects. Don’t miss a visit to the Cathedral of Santi Maria e Donato, one of the finest examples of Romanesque lagoon style. You will be enchanted by the mosaics housed inside.


Visiting Torcello is like stepping back in time. With its 10 inhabitants, Torcello is a real treasure chest that allows visitors to rediscover the historical and artistic traces of the area.

The island hosted the first settlements of what was to become the most admired city in the world: Venice. Of great historical and artistic interest is the grandiose monumental complex that includes the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, with its large interior mosaic in Byzantine style depicting the Last Judgement. The Church of Santa Fosca dates back to the 12th century.

Lonely stands the bell tower, which can be visited and offers memorable views. The ‘Devil’s Bridge’ and the ‘Throne of Attila’ are witnesses to ancient legends that we invite you to discover.

Lio Piccolo

An island that isn’t there, hiding among the mirrors of the Venetian lagoon and offering incredible sights depending on the tides.

A small old village inhabited by only 22 people, surrounded by lush, unspoilt nature, where pink flamingos and herons can be seen depending on the season.

Treat yourself to a nice bike ride and get to know an unparalleled and wonderful territory, precious and fragile, which is precisely why it deserves attention and respect.

Batteria Pisani

A fortification built in the first decade of the 20th century. The “Batteria Pisani” was recently restored and turned into a museum, a venue for exhibitions that will tell the story of this coastline during the Great War.

This fortress is part of an important project called “Via dei Forti”, a wonderful open-air museum created to highlight all the fortifications along the coast and which you can easily visit on a bike.

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