A quality holiday

Our aim is to offer you a quality holiday. That is why our facility, our services and our management undergo regular checks, so that you can always be sure of a stay of the highest standard.

We have always been committed to developing initiatives aimed at raising awareness and increasing environmental sustainability.

TÜV certification

Sensitive to the quality of the environment and at the same time to your satisfaction, we decided to appoint a supervisory body and apply a Quality, Environment and Safety Management System that involves everyone: management, employees and guests. TÜV Italia is a body that verifies and certifies the conformity of management systems.

These are our certificates:

ISO 45001 certified

ISO 14001 certified

Politica per la qualità e l’ambiente

Being on holiday at Ca’ Pasquali means being in close contact with the environment that surrounds us: we get to know new places, have fun, discover the territory, the local population and its traditions, but at the same time we produce waste, consume water, energy and other natural resources. To protect this environment, for us and for our children, we want to respect the 17 principles of sustainability for 2030 approved by almost 200 countries in the UN assembly and in this we want to involve our guests.

We therefore commit ourselves to:

  • increase the quality and quantity of services to customers, while respecting the environment, safety and the law;
  • make more efficient use of water, energy and resources, and reduce waste;
  • prevent and reduce occupational injuries and illnesses, for the respect of the people who work with us;
  • reduce the use of environmentally and safety hazardous substances;
  • search for innovative products and technologies that enable us to continuously improve efficiency and reduce risks in process management and service delivery;
  • support social initiatives also of third parties;
  • purchasing and distributing ‘0 km’ products or products with sustainability characteristics;
  • adopt fair and solidarity-based labour policies;
  • develop self-control plans and procedures to prevent and manage emergency situations and environmental and safety risks;
  • take any advice from our guests, authorities or other interested parties;
  • ensuring the continuous improvement of management systems and the results they produce.

We wish you a good holiday

And we wish good work to those who will help us offer a better service this season, taking care of the environment and our guests!

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