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At Ca’ Pasquali excellence is at home. Every day we create dishes with fresh, high-quality products to bring the generous nature of Cavallino to the table.

For you and your family, we have thought of special opportunities for you to enjoy a carefree holiday and savour our cuisine. In our seafront restaurant you can take advantage of the breakfast, half-board or full-board package, with all the attention paid to children and those with food intolerances.

It will be nice to start the day with the smell of warm croissants and pastries, a glass of fruit juice or a steaming cup of excellent coffee, or to choose from a rich selection of cold meats and cheeses, eggs and bacon… every day an abundant intercontinental buffet accompanies your awakening, ready to satisfy all tastes and habits. If you prefer half-board or full-board, you will also find a rich buffet for lunch and for dinner, a variety of first courses, main courses and side dishes created with fresh and refined products, desserts and fruit. If you are a pizza lover, you will always have the option of ordering one from the pizzeria menu. During the low season, the buffet may be replaced with an à la carte menu for lunch and dinner. With our meal plans, children up to 5 years old are free of charge at the restaurant!

Breakfast buffet: Adult 16.00€,  Children 6-11 years 8.00€,   Children 0-5 years FREE

Half board:          Adult 33.00€,  Children 6-11 years 16.50€,  Children 0-5 years FREE (breakfast + dinner)

Full board:          Adult 48.00€,  Children 6-11 years 24.00€,  Children 0-5 years FREE (breakfast + lunch + dinner)

Included in the price:  water, 1 soft drink or 1/4 draught wine per person.

To take advantage of the prices a reservation is required for the entire period of the stay. This type of service is not compatible with Take Away service.


Here with us you can wake up knowing that every day you will find sweets and croissants. If you prefer a savory breakfast, every morning a rich buffet of cold cuts, a selection of cheeses and then fresh fruit or other specialties of our cuisine await you. You can always choose between an Italian or an English breakfast, or why not, even both!

Indicative opening hours: 7.30-10.00

Half board

This formula gives you the opportunity to have a rich intercontinental breakfast and a buffet dinner in our restaurant where you will always find a wide choice of first courses, second courses and side dishes prepared with fresh and genuine products. And after dinner, you can pamper yourself with our desserts and fresh fruit. If you love pizza, you’re in the right place, because ours are slow-rising with quality flours.
Drinks are included, they always include water, a soft drink, ¼ of wine or a small beer per person.

Indicative opening hours: breakfast 7.30-10.00 and dinner 18.30-21.00

Full board

Here you can enjoy a rich buffet for breakfast, as well as for lunch and dinner. During the low season, you will always have a rich buffet breakfast but, at lunch and dinner, the buffet could be replaced with an à la carte menu. In this way you will be able to choose among the numerous proposals of Italian and international cuisine, always being able to count on an appetizer, a first course, a second course with side dish and a dessert. Drinks are included and always consist of water, a soft drink, ¼ of wine or a small beer per person.

Indicative opening hours: breakfast 7.30-10.00, lunch 12.30-14.00 and dinner 18.30-21.00

Try our buffet

An evening at the restaurant, carefree and at an advantageous price!
With €25.00 you can access the buffet and take what you like best.

Drinks are not included, the price is per person regardless of age. This rate is not compatible with takeaway.

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