Who is Bibo?



Time to get to know the Ca' Pasquali Village mascot!!!

Bibo is a very special character - he is always cheerful and happy, is at ease in all situations and knows how to do a great many things.

Who is Bibo? Bibo is our wonderful mascot who will keep you company at all times throughout your holiday! He is an entertainer, but he also enjoys being in the kitchen, the gym, the water park, on the beach and sometimes he’s a pirate in the middle of the sea.  


In the evening you’ll meet Bibo in the arena, where he’ll go crazy with the mad dances at the Baby Dance and will drag you too into an unbridled evening of dancing, while singing at the top of his voice.

During your stay Bibo will organise lots of activities: collect all the stamps and you too can become citizens of the Republic of Bibolandia and receive a special prize!


bibo resize


Where does Bibo come from? We don’t know, but we do know that he loves adventure and therefore will come a little bit from here and a little bit from there!                         



NAME: Bibo

JOB: Animator

HIGH: Growing

HAIR: Red and mess

EYES: Vibrant

SMILE: 54 teeth


LOVE: the holiday at sea, sport, open-air life and all my friends.

HATE: the end f the holidays