Shopping even on vacation!



If you want to cook while on holiday you’ll find everything you need at our Market. Our staff will welcome you every day with fresh bread, fruit and vegetables made and grown locally as well as other delicacies.

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Gadget, souvenir, sparkling wine, bottles from the best labels…and most of all a colourful candy world! And for the nicest thought, customize your gift with the right sentence for you, your half or your best friend! You will find also tobacco, newspapers (including international press).

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If you are looking for beach items and more, like children’s toys, jewellery and souvenirs, the "Beach Shop" Bazar has everything you need. And if you want to let your loved ones know how great your holiday is you can purchase fantastic Ca' Pasquali Village postcards here.

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Market Opening Time: 7.30-20.00

 Wine-Shop Opening Time:  8.30-13.00/16.00-21.30

Bazar Opening Time: 8.30-13.00 / 15.00-21.30