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Every year between the end of May and the end of June, Cavallino Treporti's coastline hosts an event that brings to life memories of times gone by. Dedicated to traditional “Venetian rowing”, this event is a race between the various districts making up our local area, using typical lagoon boats such as the “mascarete” or the “caorline”: the “Palio Remiero” boat race.
You can watch the entire race along Via Pordelio on your bicycle.


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On the third Sunday of July each year, the Redentore is celebrated, one of the most eagerly-awaited and popular events among Venetians owing to its significance. In 1577, Venice was hit by a serious epidemic of the plague which decimated the population. In order to get through this awful period, the Venetians decided to make a vow: a large church would be built in honour of Christ the Redeemer (“Cristo Redentore”) if the terrible disease left the lagoon forever.
The fireworks display held every year on the Saturday night in St. Mark’s basin is a prelude to the religious festival held on the Sunday. It’s truly enchanting to see the reflection created by the lights on the water and, why not? Maybe even aboard a boat!



The Beach on Fire is the most eagerly-awaited fireworks display of the summer season, involving local residents and tourists of all ages.
A Guinness world record event that is sure to amaze you, with its flashes of colour simultaneously lighting up our entire stretch of coastline, creating a magical and unforgettable night. The stations are positioned approximately 1 km away from each other, stretching a total of 12 km.



On the first Sunday of September, Venice shows off one of its most elegant trademark events: the Regata Storica (‘Historical Regatta’). Incredibly famous throughout the world, the regatta is held along the Grand Canal, combining a sporting event with a historical re-enactment. In fact, before the races get underway, you can admire the historical procession of boats in a faithful reconstruction of the Serenissima's glorious past.