The islands Burano Murano e Torcello rise up like diamonds in the water: visiting them is like diving into the past, immersing yourself in their history and discovering the ancient crafts and traditions that still live on there.


the fishermen's island, is full of colourful houses and is also famous for its lace, made exclusively by hand.

Trifoglio panoramica



is famous above all for its glass, which is exported and in demand all over the world. The master glassmakers, who are real artists in the way they work with this material, a symbol of Venice, represent a craft that dates back centuries.



A historical island par excellence in the Venetian lagoon with only 10 inhabitants. This island was home to the first settlements of what would become the most admired city in the world.


This lagoon city and its islands are easy to reach from the campsite using either public transport or a private car:

PRIVATE CAR:follow the road until the stop sign and turn left onto Via Fausta, then head straight until you reach Punta Sabbioni where you’ll find the departure point for the motorboats (the special boats that take you to Venice). There are plenty of car parks here where you can leave your vehicle. A day ticket costs between €5.00 and €7.00.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: : the bus stop is on Via Fausta, just 700m from the campsite: cross the road and you’ll see it on your left. The bus takes you directly to Punta Sabbioni, the last stop and the departure point for the motorboats. What’s more, in July and August a bus will also stop right in front of our campsite.

For further information on prices, tickets, modes of transport and itineraries, please don’t hesitate to contact our RECEPTION.