Amenities centre

A practical, innovative and striking amenities centre


Ca’ Pasquali Village ’s new amenities centre centre has clean, minimalist lines, and recalls those old tales of sailing ships and exotic isles.
An elegant building which fits perfectly into its natural surroundings, offering guests the chance to let their imagination take flight every time they use the facilities (toilets, showers, the baby room, communal areas with sinks for washing-up and a laundry area).

The amenities centre was conceived to have zero impact as far as possible, and many energy-efficient measures have been adopted like the roofs sport long ranks of solar panels

Baby room

The centre’s main focus is the ship’s prow, location of the baby room. Entirely focused on our younger guests, this is a playful, magic environment, with child-sized toilets, wash hand basins inside rum kegs and where the mirrors look like portholes. The ship’s white prow ‘floats’ in 30 cms of water, and to reach it there are four little suspension bridges, like wooden walkways.

The Patio

central patio sits in the middle of the building, an open space bombarded by bright light and edged by a number of columns, where a little oasis of green has been carved out, dotted with lavender and cork bushes. Continuing the tour, next come the areas for washing up and laundry which, with their winding silhouettes, are set out like small, welcoming islands where you can enjoy a chat with the other guests while getting on with your housework.

Finally, lapping at the sides of the ‘ship’ and the islands are several buildings with sloping roofs, reminiscent in colour and shape of the Veneto casoni (fishermen’s shelters), the traditional rural buildings along the Venetian lagoon. These environments, practical, comfortable, equipped with many latest generation accessories and a range of amenities, house the bathroom facilities area, with its contemporary, attractively designed showers, sinks and toilets.

Rent family bathroom

For the best comfort for your family we suggest you to rent the family bathroom


The illustrations are only demonstratives.