without giving up the emotions of a Ca' Pasquali-signed holiday

The Ca' Pasquali Village is preparing to welcome you with a program that aims to improve even more the standards of cleanliness, the rules and behaviors, to make you enjoy your well-deserved holiday without worries. This program is in addition to our operating standards adopted since 1990 and certified by TÜV, which provide constant inspection audits.
Now the top priority, more than ever, is the health and safety of our Guests and our Staff, but our mission will continue to be to guarantee you an unforgettable stay experience, with quality and style, that have always distinguished us and with more attention to some aspects that now we will illustrate in detail.

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In addition to the rigorous and careful cleaning protocols that we have always adopted, we will integrate a detailed additional daily cleaning program regarding the common areas for the guests, the accommodations, the camping bathrooms and all the environments used by our Staff.
The cleaning and sanitation protocol adopted by the Ca' Pasquali Village follows the guidelines indicated by the Superior Institute of Health and allows us to comply with legal obligations quickly, efficiently and non-invasively for Guests.
All housing units and common-use areas, surfaces and objects in contact with the air will be sanitized through special treatments, also using the ozone technique, which has already been used for years in our Resort, and hydrogen peroxide. Two methods that guarantee a very high efficiency in fighting the virus and which are harmless for humans and the environment. If they come in touch with materials, they do not damage them. In all common areas and spaces, you will find at your disposal hand hydro-alcoholic sanitizer dispensers.

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To ensure everyone's safety, upon your arrival in the Resort or during your stay, our Staff may ask you to measure your body temperature using a thermo-scanner; if this is higher than/equal to 37.5°, the security protocols prepared for the treatment of these cases will be activated.
We remind you that, according to the existing provisions, the Guests are required to wear the mask in all public indoor-areas and in all those occasions where it is not possible to continuously guarantee the maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance, expect the cases envisaged by the existing provisions (children under 6, people with disabilities, which are not compatible with the continuous use of the mask).
We will try to limit your presence at the Reception to the strictly necessary operations and to facilitate the check-in operations we have introduced a new SELF CHECK-IN system that upon your arrival in the Resort will allow you to scan your documents and insert the data needed independently and safely. Our Staff will be at your disposal and will assist you in all the processes.

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To allow you to relax and sunbathe, we have thought about a brand new area next to the water park: you will find a solarium area equipped with maxi-sunbeds and sunumbrellas with plenty of space for your family. This is an exclusive area, which will soon also include many opportunities for recreationentertainment and games for children.
For your safety, we will adopt all the measures provided by the protocols and we will pay a particular attention to the control of the chlorine parameters, to the constant and repeated cleaning of the toilets, to the crowding density in the tank which have never to be less than 7 sqm of water surface per person.
In the pools is the use of a bathing-cap currently required by law. We have reopened the children-pool with the slides and the giant bucket. The wellness area has also been reopened. Our staff will monitor the influx of people to ensure distances. The required spacing on the beach is guaranteed. As well as the sanitation of all the equipment, through the use of ecological products with low environmental impact. The required spacing on the beach is guaranteed. As well as the sanitation of all the equipment, through the use of ecological products with low environmental impact. We will also organize one-way obligatory routes in and out, also of the swimming pools to manage flows and avoid gatherings. The Staff will be equipped with safety devices. The toilets and the material will be sanitized frequently as the ministerial order says. The use of the mask is not necessary during sunbathing and when you are in the water (always keeping the minimum distance of one meter), in all other cases is obligatory to use it. In order to avoid gatherings, it will not be possible to play team sports, for this reason the following fields won’t be available at the beach: volleyball field, beach tennis field, bowls, beach soccer, etc.
Individual sports that usually take place on the beach (e.g. rackets) or in the water (e.g. swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing) can be done regularly, paying attention to the interpersonal distances.



The gym of the Resort will be used only by reservation in order to avoid any possible gathering, always guaranteeing the recommended social distances for the safety of the guests. By the access will be present our qualified staffDuring the training is not necessary to use the mask and you will have to enter to the gym with a pair of dedicated and clean shoes.



We will continue to entertain you and take care of your children. We have designed again the activities following the government guidelines, introduced an app that will allow you to book in advance your favorite activity, reorganized the spaces to ensure interpersonal distance, increased the number of animators to permit to create smaller groups “animator-child”. We will replicate the shows and labors at different times on the same day, in order to allow everyone to participate to them.
Children in the mini club can only be accept if accompanied by a parent: in this way the constant presence of an adult will guarantee the correct distance from each other and keep them away from any risky situations.

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We will accompany you to your pitch to help you place tents, caravans or campers: the mobile means of the guests have to be positioned inside delimited pitches, in order to ensure the distances between each family, however it must not be less than 3 meters between the 2 entrances of the housing units, if they are frontal.
The distance of at least 1.5 meters must be maintained even if there are used accessories or appliances (e.g. tables, chairs, sun loungers, deck chairs). We will strive to ensure the maximum safety to make your Ca' Pasquali -signed stay always a special experience, to be carried in the heart.

Here's how it will work: from May 16, 2021, the national pass for EU tourists and citizens who want to travel between regions of different colors will come into force. It will be necessary to prove the vaccination, or the certificate of recovery from the covid and a swab with negative result carried out in the previous 48 hours.