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Take advantage of our special price!! 


from  01.04 to 20.05.2023:   

Pitch A on the sea >  1.300€       

   Pitch A >  1.100€    

Pitch C >  1.000€

Pitch B >    900€


from  23.09  to  15.10.2023:   

Pitch A on the sea >  640€


from  16.09  to  15.10.2023:   

Pitch A >   750€   


 from  10.09  to  15.10.2023:  

  Pitch C >   800€  

Pitch B >   700€

The price refers to the pitch, including 2 people, and it's valid only if you stay for the entire period indicated.

The extra people pay the normal price.

 The payment of the full amount of the holiday is required upon arrival.


Conditions for ADAC Campcard holders

Adac Camping Card 2023 > from 01.04 to 17.05.2023 & from 17.09 to 14.10.2023 discount 15%

   The price refers to the pitch, including 2 people. The extra people pay the normal price.

- The benefits apply to holders of a valid ADAC Campcard (paper / digital)
- The ADAC Campcard must be declared for booking and presented at the beginning of the stay. The discount will only be applied if the ADAC Campcard is shown during check-in.
- The paper ADAC Campcard is valid only if it shows name and surname and signature on the back.
- The digital ADAC Campcard of the ADAC Camping - und Stellplatzfuehrer App must bear the full name. It is not transferable and is valid for one calendar year (including January of the following year)
The offers cannot be combined