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The ADAC Awards are a very important recognition for companies in the outdoor tourism sector.
Each year the prestigious guide of the ADAC, which is the largest automobile club in Europe with over 19 million members and represents the most important institution in the evaluation of campsites at European level, gives accommodation facilities with the highest levels of quality and services the “Superplatz” award.
The Candidates to receive this award compete in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness, innovation and progress, accessibility as well as in marketing and digitization. A commission of 40 camping experts evaluates hundreds of campsites in Europe.
Overall, the Italian accommodation facilities include over 2,600 Open-air tourist accommodation companies. In Italy 33 of these have obtained the prestigious award, 10 of which in Cavallino-Treporti.
We are pleased to announce that the Ca'Pasquali Village is confirmed as "Superplatz" also for the year 2022. Thanks to the reviews of our guests we are also among the 100 most popular and loved campsites in Italy. Thanks to all our guests for the appreciation and dedication they reserve us every year.

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